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Hi, I'm New Here!

   Hello There Wine Lovers!! 🙋 I am new here, so please forgive me for stumbling and bumbling through my first blog. (And no I haven't had any wine, yet, LOL). You have joined me on a new journey. I love wine. I love to share a glass with others. So, I decided to use those loves to learn more about our favorite subject, Wine!!  I have been doing a lot of research. Reading, listening to podcasts, following others. In the few short weeks at it, I have learned so much and couldn't be more excited than I am now. There is so much to learn. At first I thought it would be overwhelming, but that is so far from the truth. What I did learn, there is so much information available you definitely have to organize your lesson. LOL Because I am into wine tastings I decided to use the "elements of wine tasting" as my guide.  Huh? What are those elements?  During a quick Google search I learned; " To evaluate a wine thoroughly experts have evolved a tasting ritual that examines